A wedding is a much more than the union of two people; it’s also a union of two families. For parents, it’s a culmination of their child’s journey into adulthood. For friends, it’s a graduation to the next chapter of that friendship. For most everyone it’s a celebration of life where those you share it with remember the moments forever, and for the best reason. Love.


But there’s a lot more to it…


A girl falls in love, gets engaged, and then is faced with this mountain of decisions before her wedding day. It’s crazy! It’s like having a second (or third) job. And it’s scary, right?


I don’t blame you. Planning a successful event requires thinking of everything that should happen, could happen, and will happen on a day when the bride is only supposed to be…the bride. The girl who fell in love, got engaged, and is now giving her heart to this wonderful man. By the way, the groom has his own full bucket of stress, too.


Centuries ago, weddings were a month-long celebration. Now we put it all into one weekend, meaning we have less time to share. This makes every moment that much more valuable, and that’s where I enter. For over fifteen years I’ve been meeting engaged couples that want their wedding day to be FUN, Memorable, and Stress Free. Those three traits are mentioned most, with FUN being mentioned above all. Beneath that they are really asking “am I going to like you?” and “do you understand me? Can you make what I want a reality?”


Yes. A thousand times, YES! When a bride and groom ask me to be part of their wedding day, they are trusting me to help them make the most of this opportunity. They trust me to be the voice that speaks on their behalf. They are asking me to inform, guide and direct their wedding guests so everyone can make the most of their time together.


They trust me.


Together, we discuss details. We create a timeline together that makes sense for you, your guests and your team of wedding professionals. We work toward making your wedding day a direct reflection of who you are together. And as my clients are floating through their wedding experience they have Peace of Mind knowing they can make the most of each moment. Their wedding ceremony and wedding reception is engaging, full of FUN, laughter and dancing.


And for years to come you’ll hear people raving about your wedding reception being the best wedding reception…ever.


Special Events

Any opportunity to celebrate a special event with family, friends, or colleagues deserves the attention of a considerate and experienced event professional. I like to think that people gather at special events to be humored, informed and entertained. Sometimes it’s the perfect opportunity to forget about life for an evening. To just be.


But for the layperson who has the role of creating this spectacular event, it’s a daunting task at best. At worst, it’s the hardest and most unappreciated job there is. Budget restrictions, committee involvement, qualifying and hiring the right team of professionals, decorations, food and drink…oh, and the ENTERTAINMENT! And usually this is done for no compensation or consideration of their time and resources. It’s no wonder there’s usually one person who reluctantly takes the task on and then regrets the decision…if only under their breath.


These aren’t called special events for nothing. They, too, deserve the type of attention given to weddings, just perhaps not the same amount of attention. :-)


With the risk of sounding rude, guests at an event prefer to be like sheep. They want to be led, fed and guided safely. They don’t want to ask questions, they want to be informed. They don’t want to look at their watch, but if they’re bored that is exactly what they’ll do. AND the natural progression – after being led and fed and guided through the evening – is to DANCE!


That’s why I’d love to be part of your special event. We only get this one chance and everyone deep down wants this event to be great! I have the expertise and tools to make it happen and I’m excited to get started.

Chasen Shaw

Wedding Entertainment Expert & Master of Ceremonies

Often people ask, “Did you know you wanted to do this when you were growing up?” In the past I would answer “Not really”, but as I look back at the mixtapes I made as a child – the performances and acting, band and choir – I believe this was always my opportunity to stand in the service of others.


“After reading several reviews about Chasen, we met with him and hired him within the same week, no questions asked.”


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